Bins and cleansing

There's something we need to clear up

Our latest survey shows that many of you think we are responsible for replacing your wheelie bins if they get lost or stolen and generally deal with refuse issues.

Your local authority is responsible for all refuse collections. They will handle regular weekly refuse collections, as well as uplifting bulky items when requested. 

Household refuse

This service is provided on the same day each week (excluding some public holidays) to households using either bin sacks or a green wheeled bin. Multi storey blocks and some flatted dwellings are provided with large containers. These containers are likely to be emptied on a more frequent basis.

Bulk uplift service

For larger household items such as cookers, fridges or furniture a bulk collection service is available. This service is free of charge for most items.

Household refuse enquiries

Enquiries concerning missed collections, information on which day of the week your refuse is collected, or for any refuse collection matter please contact your local authority.

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