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1.  How much does it cost?
A full price list available in our application pack

  • If you are over 60, you can cover from £5,000, at £1.18 per month for Standard cover and £1.56 per month for Extra Accidental Damage Cover.
  • Under 60’s can insure from £8,000 at £1.90 per month for standard cover and £2.49 for extra accidental cover. 
  • We can offer you Insurance cover up to £35,000.  If you need more than this, we would have to refer you to Norwich Union - they would probably ask for a list of your contents.

2.  How can I pay?

  • Standing Order Mandate 
  • Direct Debit
  • Annually in advance
  • Pay in full – Granite House

3. How do I make a claim?
Contact us on 0141 274 6460 or 0800 479 7979. Staff will send you a claim form to complete.

4. Do I send the claim form back to Your Place?
No, the claim form should be returned to Cunningham Lindsay – their address is on the application form.

5.  Can I have an assessor out immediately?
 If it’s an emergency, i.e. you have no cooking facilities or your property is not habitable, you can contact Cunningham Lindsey direct on 0845 604 8901 explaining the situation.

6.  Cancellation request
If you want to cancel your cover, you need to request this in writing, unless the customer is deceased.  We will confirm cancellation of your policy to you, in writing, within 10 days.

7.  Can I change the policy?
 Yes, you can make some changes – please contact us for further advice.

8.  I’m moving to a new address, can cover be transferred to my new address?
  Yes – in some cases – please contact us for further advice.

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