Owner led improvements

If you want to request a common improvement project that's not part of GHA’s capital improvement plan, just contact our Common Repairs Team by calling 0800 479 7979, or write to them and they'll tell you everything you need to know.

We'll get estimates and call a proprietors' meeting to allow all owners to discuss and vote on whether or not the proposal should go ahead. Remember, every property has one vote, including GHA if it has any tenanted properties in the block. The decision of the meeting is legally binding.

Owner Led improvement projects are subject to a 10% project management fee and payment for your share of costs needs to be lodged in an agreed fund before work begins.

GHA investment work
Thousands of our customers have already benefited from taking part in GHA’s major improvement programme over a number of years.   Improvements have included new roofs, controlled entry systems and overcladding systems that have helped improve energy efficiency as well as making properties and neighbourhoods safer and more attractive.

We are keen to continue our work with homeowners to help deliver an attractive and lively city and will continue to work hard to help as many homeowners as possible to take part in this programme.

Your local housing office will tell you about any planned improvements in your area, normally through public meetings.  It is important to go to these meetings to get all the relevant information to allow you to make informed decisions about your property.  

At the meeting, you'll receive a grant application pack from Glasgow City Council so you can apply for grant assistance to help with the cost if the work.  You'll also get a copy of our homeowner’s investment guide.  This gives detailed information about the process - from when the work is approved, right through to when it is finished, as well as warranties and payment arrangements.     

Our staff are happy to answer any questions you may have about investment in your area.  You can call our customer service centre on 0800 479 7979. 

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