Repair timescales

You can report a repair at any time by calling us 24/7 on 0800 479 7979.

It’s your responsibility to report repairs when you are aware of them. Our staff and your neighbours will also report repairs if they see a problem.

We’ll deal with your repair within the following timescales:

Emergency repair
(A repair that causes immediate risk to health or is likely to cause serious damage to the property or make the property less secure).

This emergency work will only make the building safer and follow-up work is likely to be needed.

We will come out within four hours of the repair being reported and make safe within 24 hours.

Appointment repairs
An appointment repair is classed as one where the problem is causing an inconvenience but presents no threat to health or safety. These repairs will be completed within 15 days of being reported.

Programmed repairs
These are day-to-day repairs which are our responsibility but don’t fall into either of the categories above. Programmed repairs will be completed within 30 days of being reported however more complex repairs for example rot or extensive roofing works can sometimes take a bit longer.

If the cost is over a certain level we’ll write to you for permission before we go ahead with the repair.

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