Your rights and responsibilities

YourPlace property management

Together, you and your neighbours take decisions affecting the shared parts of your building - we are then responsible for arranging any repairs or maintenance work resulting from your decision.

Occasionally, we might have to use specific powers we have under the title deeds for the long-term benefit of the property. Typically, we can deal with emergencies and repairs below consent levels set out in the deed of conditions without contacting you beforehand, although we will notify you as soon as we can if this happens. 

You can ask us to arrange a meeting to discuss or vote on issues affecting the shared parts of the building, such as major repairs or improvements.

You are responsible for any work needed to your individual property.  If you are not sure if a problem is shared or individual, please contact us for advice. 

Please report repairs or other issues affecting the shared areas to us.  We’ll then tell all owners about any work needed, and make sure that the costs are shared fairly.


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