Proprietors meeting

Owners’ meetings are needed when an owner or we want to propose a change to the shared services or suggest improvements to the shared property.  To ask for an owners’ meeting, you should write to us at 177 Trongate, Glasgow G1 5HF.

As part of our property-management service, we will invite all owners to a meeting, giving at least seven days’ notice of the proposed time and place of the meeting. Where a decision is needed, a majority of property owners (both landlords and homeowners) must be at the meeting to vote.

If you’re not able to attend a meeting, you can appoint a representative to go for you. To do this, fill in the form (representation mandate) you get with the letter inviting you to the meeting.

The owners at the meeting will appoint a chairperson. Following discussions, an owner from each property (or their representative) will be asked to vote on the proposals.

Part of our service will include arranging and taking minutes at the meeting.  A vote will be taken and a majority decision will be binding. Landlords (for example GHA) who have tenants in the building will have a vote for each property they own.   

If the majority of homeowners cannot agree on a decision, the chairperson will have the casting vote.

In the unusual event that any owners want to reconsider the outcome, they can ask us to arrange a new meeting and vote.

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