Do you need a repair carried out in your home? Get in touch. We can help.

Our fast, responsive repairs service delivers all common area repairs – such as roofs, drains, closes and controlled entry doors and keeps the customer up to date every step of the way.

Our repairs service is delivered by City Building (Glasgow) in the west of Scotland and Dunedin Canmore's Property Services Team in the east.

Our parent company Wheatley Group jointly owns City Building (Glasgow) together with Glasgow City Council. Dunedin Canmore is part of Wheatley Group.

Report a repair

Login to My YP to book a repair appointment. It's just a few clicks away.

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How to report repairs

How do you report a repair online? It's quick and easy.

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Repair timescales

How quickly will a repair be carried out? Find out more about our repair timescales.

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Common repairs

What is a common repair? Who is responsible for paying the repair costs? Find out.

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We need consent from the majority of owners to allow repairs to go ahead.

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Condensate pipe

Frozen condensate pipe advice

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Cyclical maintenance

Cyclical maintenance can help you prevent damage to your home.

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