Repair timescales

How quickly will a repair be carried out? Find out more about our repair timescales.

You can report a repair anytime - 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year - with a My YP online service account.

You can call us anytime. If you live in Glasgow and the west, call us on 0800 479 7979. For customers in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas, please phone 0800 561 0088.

Our staff will give you advice and assess the urgency of the repair.

Emergency repair

An emergency repair is an issue that causes immediate risk to health or is likely to cause serious damage to the property, or make the property less secure.

The aim of the repair will be to make the building safe. Follow up work is likely to be needed.

Timescale: We will come out within four hours of the repair being reported and make safe within 24 hours.

Internal repair

An internal repair is a repair to an individual home where you have chosen YourPlace to do the work and agreed the cost.

Timescale: within 15 working days of being agreed.

Common repair

A common repair  is a repair to a common part of your building.

Timescale: within 30 working days of being agreed.

Major common repairs

Major common repairs are more complex repairs, such as rot or extensive roofing works, which may take longer.

Timescale: We will keep you and your neighbours informed when work will start and finish.

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