Deed of Conditions

You’ll find everything you need to know about your rights and responsibilities as a factored homeowner in your Deed of Conditions.

It sets out the rules covering the management, maintenance, insurance, repair and improvement of the shared parts of your building. It also sets out the rights and responsibilities of you as the owner and YourPlace as the property manager.

We will either be named as factor in the Title Deeds, have been appointed as factor directly, have been appointed when we were established in 2003, or were already the factor for the block at the time you bought your property.

Your solicitor should have discussed your Title Deeds with you when you bought your property.

We don’t hold copies of your deeds. However, you can get a copy from the Registers of Scotland (who charge for the service).

You can contact them on 0800 169 9391 or email them at You can write to them at: Registers of Scotland, Hanover House, 24 Douglas Street, Glasgow, G2 7NQ.