Role of Property Factor

Your title deeds set out specific services and responsibilities for your factor, for example, to arrange buildings insurance, or to maintain common parts and land belonging to you and your neighbours.

However, often homeowners are not clear about the role of the property factor and what we can and cannot do. We will provide advice and support to homeowners where we can, and act for you within the scope allowed in your title deeds. However, what we can do is limited by the role set out for your factor in the title deeds.

We do not have the same powers as social landlords or local authorities so there are some things we can’t do, for example, getting involved in disputes between neighbours or tackling anti-social behaviour involving residents.

If you are unsure about what we can do to help you, please get in touch.

If you’re looking for a good independent resource to help you understand your role and ours, take a look at Under One Roof. The website offers independent advice to flat owners in Scotland.