Major improvement work

To protect your property - and to comply with legislation - major improvement works may be needed.

This could include new roof and render, insulation, upgrade to door entry controls or stair and close refurbishments.

As the representative of all owners in a block we can organise proprietors’ meetings so potential major improvement works can be discussed and voted on. We will organise estimates for works, and project manage on behalf of you and your neighbours once payment has been received from everyone.

Where one of Wheatley Group’s landlords has an interest in your property, they may want to carry out major improvement work in line with their obligations as social or private landlords to protect housing assets and provide high quality homes for their tenants. If this is the case, we or the landlord will be in touch to let you know what the works are likely to be and estimated costs. We will then organise a proprietors’ meeting to consult with you about the proposed works. Where the landlord does not have a majority in a block and a vote is required we organise that in line with your title deeds.

If you want to discuss potential projects with us please contact us.

We charge a project management fee for these projects, except where they are led by a Wheatley Group landlord.